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Top 7 Best Tennis Balls Review | Know Before You Buy

Top 7 Best Tennis Balls Review | Know Before You Buy

The best tennis ball will make and the bad one will break your game. Choosing the right tennis ball is as important as choosing tennis rackets or any other equipment.

If you have been playing tennis for any length of time, you must know that tennis balls have a lot to do with the game and as the market is flooded with different brands, choosing among them could be a daunting task.

And that’s exactly why we are here today. We have done our study, whether you are a pro tennis player or just a newbie entered the court for the first time, we have suitable tennis balls for both.

So without killing more time, let’s jump below.

Top Tennis Balls Comparison Chart

7 Best Tennis Balls review

To be very honest, making this tennis ball review list was really tough for us. As there are a plethora of balls available, we had to compare the material, performance, durability, and price. You should never think about the price over the quality, so we have designed that such way. However, have a look.

1.    Penn Championship High Altitude 3 Tennis Ball Can | Best Pen Tennis Ball for Hard Courts.

Starting with the one that has top-notch quality. The Penn Championship tennis ball is one of the finest quality balls which can roll on any surface. It ball was sold highest in the United States. Undoubtedly, a popular tennis ball for professionals.

This ball is being used in the USTA tennis league, that says a lot about this ball. It’s actually a professional tennis ball made of natural rubber that gives a consistent feel. On the other hand, this Penn tennis ball is highly durable and comes with interlocked wool fiber. Even after a month of rough use, you’ll see this ball bouncing pretty well.

  • High-quality ball.
  • Interlock wool fibers.
  • It can be used in any courts.
  • Used on USTA.
  • Natural rubber.
  • Sometime this ball gives unwanted bounce but that’s very rare.

2.    Tourna Mesh Carry Bag Set of 18 Tennis Balls | Best Pressureless Tennis ball

This Tourna Mesh carries bag set comes with 18 tennis balls and these are one of the best pressureless tennis balls. Beginner players who want a few balls to practice, this Tourna tennis balls could be a great catch for them. These balls are best suited to machines. 

One best part of these balls is they never go dead. They bounce less than the pressurized balls. These balls come in light yellow colors so they are easier to track. You can play with your dogs also with these balls. It will be easier to carry as they come with a carrying bag.

  • It comes with a carry bag.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Better suited to machines.
  • Affordable.
  • Gives perfect bounce.
  • The smell of these balls might seem irritating but you’ll get used to it.

3.    Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball | Wilson Tennis Balls

This extra duty Wilson tennis ball is for professionals but beginners also can use it. They give the perfect bounce and are durable, made with premium industrial felt. These balls have ITF and USTA approval. One thing made this ball so popular is, it comes in affordable price which enables beginners to play with it. Plus, these balls give a super spin.

  • ITF and USTA approved.
  • Professional ball.
  • It provides a nice bounce.
  • Affordable price.
  • Few users have complained that this ball wears off early. That’s obvious for professional balls.

4. Wilson 18 Pressureless Tennis Ball Set | Wilson Tennis Balls for Beginner.

Here comes another set for beginners. These Wilson tennis balls durable and best suited to ball machines. The set includes 18 balls and would be the best choice for the novice player to practice different techniques. The set comes at affordable prices and offers a nice bounce. These balls wouldn’t last long if used in hard courts.

  • Affordable.
  • Suited to ball machines.
  • Nice bounce.
  • Durable.
  • These balls are not for any serious match. 

5. Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty | Penn Tennis Balls

We love this Penn Pink Championship ball, not because of its quality but the nice way of donating some money for breast cancer research. Yes! From each purchase of this ball Penn donates. And what’s the reason for the pink color? They teamed up with the American Cancer Society and to spread the awareness they have colored the ball pink.

It is a professional level ball but if you want, you can use it for practice sessions too. These balls are made of finest quality materials and Penn has used high-quality wool on this. You can use it in nearly any kind of court.

  • Professional balls.
  • Premium grade wool.
  • Each spreads breast cancer awareness.
  • It can be used in any courts.
  • Sometime it makes the uneven bounce.

6. GAMMA Pressureless Tennis Ball Bucket | Gamma Tennis Balls Review

And here comes the bucket loaded with balls. The GAMMA Pressureless tennis ball bucket, these are ball is perfect for practice and especially for tennis machines. These balls are durable and can be used in any court. It provides a nice bounce and doesn’t lose pressure over time. 

This set includes a total of 48 tennis balls, which makes it one of the affordable options. The bucket is also very durable and break-resistant, you can use it in other activities too.

  • Durable bucket.
  • Consistent pressure.
  • It provides a nice bounce.
  • It can be used in any court.
  • Best for beginners.
  • These balls can’t be used in competitive matches.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Ball?

There are some criteria that will ensure than a tennis ball is well suited to you. If you are a newbie, every ball might seem the same to you but that’s not actually what it looks like. There are more than 150 brands that are certified by ITF (International Tennis Federation), so unless you are a pro, you would find is very harsh to choose the right one.

Well, below we have listed all the factors that will help you to get your hands on the right ball. So shall we?

What Are the Types of Tennis Balls?

Basically, there are three types of tennis balls that come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Championship, Recreational and professional tennis ball.

Championship: These tennis balls are for intermediate players and used in leagues.

Recreational: These balls are mainly designed for practice purposes. Best for machine practices.

Professional: These are very high-quality balls designed for professional players.

Pressurized or Pressureless tennis ball?

Another important factor in choosing the right ball is to decide between pressureless and pressurized balls.

Pressureless balls: These balls are mainly used for training purposes or recreational play. These balls don’t gain bounce from the air-filled inside but the outer rubber shell. Moreover, unlike standard balls instead of losing the bounce, pressureless balls tend to bounce more with use. Once the other felt starts to fade, they bounce more.

That being said, these balls are not for professional players as they are a little heavy and touch to play.

Pressurized balls: These balls are used in bigger tournaments, in another word, pressurized balls are for professionals. They are speedy, spins greatly with a perfect shot and achieve bounce from the air-filled inside.

The pressurized ball doesn’t last long. Most last for a single match or barely two.

Extra Duty or regular Duty Tennis Ball?

If you want to pull out the best out of the tennis ball, the type of court you would play also should be taken under consideration. 

It is very simple. If you often play indoor or clay courts, you should pick a regular duty tennis ball. On the other hand, if you play in hard courts, choosing the extra duty tennis ball would be a great idea.

Regular duty balls have a very thin felt which would easily wear off if you play on harsh surfaces.

High Altitude

If you play with a pressurized ball in high aptitude, the ball will bounce higher and move faster which is a problem for all kinds of players. According to the International Tennis Federation, high aptitude is 4000ft or higher, so if you are playing the same or higher aptitude than 4000ft then consider investing in specialized higher aptitude tennis balls.

Are you a Beginner Tennis Player?

Whether you have just entered the tennis arena or introducing your children to it, there are different types of tennis balls to specially designed for newbies for slower and effective training. Below we have broken down all the beginner tennis ball stages.

Third Stage: These red color balls were developed only for younger players 10 years or below. This stage balls will help them to improve movements, build skills, tune coordination and these balls are for playing on 36foot courts.

Second Stage: These orange color balls are little advanced than the red ones and approved for playing on a 60foot court format.

First stage: The last stage. These green color balls are for intermediate tournaments. It will help beginners to develop their skills, make power shots, keep the balance and use proper techniques. These balls are approved to play on 78foot courts.

Choosing the right tennis ball is not very easy and neither it’s hard, all you have to do is knowing the factors and you are ready to pick the best one. In the market, you will find some other types of tennis balls too which are very occasional, which is why we didn’t enlist those. Just reading this buying guide will not help you, you have to act it’s accordingly.

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