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How to Clean a Backpack? | Effective and Easy Ways Described

How to Clean a Backpack? | Effective and Easy Ways Described

Backpacks get dirty and smelly over time because of daily wear and tear. And which is why they require deep cleaning to look good and last for long periods. There are a bunch of bags that are very easy to clean because of their material. They can be washed in washing machines with some detergent. And that’s not the problem at all.

The problem is, there are also a few backpacks that can’t be machine washed because of their sensitive materials. So should you leave them dirty for the rest of their life? No way. They can be hand washed easily with the right tricks and today I am here to teach you how to clean a backpack effectively and easily. So without wasting any more time, let’s get down to the business.

Steps of Cleaning Backpacks Easily and Effectively

Before we get started with the cleaning process, let me tell you which things you would exactly need to clean your bag.

  • Large bucket.
  • Brush (Old toothbrush)
  • Detergent.
  • Vacuum (optional)

Clean inside the bag

Doesn’t matter how securely we use bags; they would still get some dirt particles inside. So before you start washing the bag with water, it would be wise to open the bag inside out and try to lose as much dirt as possible. It will be very easier if you have a hand vacuum in your home. Take the vacuum to every corner of your bag to make it dirt particle free.

Exterior cleaning

Take a brush and you don’t have to buy one, an old toothbrush will do the work. Brush off the exterior of the bag to clean dust or dirt accumulated there. Now take a damp cloth and wipe off the exterior with moderate pressure. The cleaner the exterior is the more effectively the cleaning solution will be able to clean your bag.

Remove items

It is a silly thing to tell you that you have to take out all your things from the bag. But along with your items, remove all the detachable parts such as a pocket, frame, straps, etc. from your bag. The reason is doing so will make sure that every nook and crannies of the bag will get cleaned thoroughly. 


You can use any kind of pretreatment solution you want but make sure you avoid bleach. Bleach is a harmful chemical that can shorten the life span of the fabric of the bag. Apply the pre-treatment stain remover and scrub the exterior with the brush to get the stain residue off. Once you are done brushing let the treatment sit there for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

What if you don’t have any kind of pre-treatment stain remover? No worries. Mix liquid detergent and water in 50:50 ratios. Then you have to scrub it properly using brush and solution.

Fill a large bucket with wat

This can be done by the bathtub, large sink or washing machine. The reason behind choosing a large bucket is you will get much space to clean every pockets and part of the bag. Don’t fill very hot water, lukewarm water is what you will need. Using very hot water is not recommended. Before you submerge the bag into the water, check the label and make sure it is okay to do it. 

 Add detergent to the lukewarm water

In this step, you have to be a little careful. You should choose dyes, fragrances, and chemicals free detergent which is not supposed to harm the fabric of the bag. Using harsh chemicals in cleaning bag might reduce the life span of the bag. Not only that, even some chemicals might harm your skin too. Add a gentle amount of detergent to the water and mix them up.

Scrub with the brush 


Some bags can be completely submerged into the water but some are not. And you are going to find that out written in the label of the bag. If your bag is not recommended to be submerged into the water, that’s a good thing. Because brushing will make your bag cleaner. 

Dip a brush into the detergent water solution and start scrubbing all the portion of your bag. Make small sessions of scrubbing and after each session dip the brush into the solution. Keep scrubbing until all the dirt is gone. 

Note: Never choose a harsh brush that might harm the fabric of the bag. 

Once you are done with scrubbing, leave the bag for drying and that’s all.


See, how easy it is to clean backpacks. But this process won’t work if your bag exterior includes synthetic material like leather. However, hope now you have completely understood how to clean backpacks effectively. That’s all for this article, will see you soon in the next article. Stay tuned, till then, Goodbye!!!

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