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How To Clean a Paintball Gun

How To Clean a Paintball Gun

Pint ball is a fun game. Most important gear of this game is paintball. Without it, you cannot play this game. Like other gear paintball gun also have a lifetime. Properly maintain can increase its durability. If you think cleaning gun is difficult and boring job then you are wrong. Cleaning a paintball gun is the most enjoyable and easy task to do if you know the proper way to do it. In addition, it will increase your gun performance. A small amount of dirt can easily jam your gun. It is the most painful situation if your gun gets to jam in the middle of the game.

 You will need some tool for done this job perfectly

1. A tool kit for disassembling the gun

2. A toothbrush.

3. OIL.

4. Lube.

5. Towel. Better to use a paper towel.

6. Water. Hot water is very much effective for gun cleaning.

After collecting the entire tool, you have to prepare yourself for gun cleaning. Try to follow those step those are given blew. These steps are the most effective and easiest way to clean your paintball gun.

 Step 1:

Remove the gas tank

Safety is the number one priority in a paintball gun. You can easily get hit yourself or someone else when cleaning paintball gun.the reason behind this is paintball gun gas. Because of it, a misfire can happen while cleaning.  Paintball gun uses CO2 air gas for throwing the ball. So it’s very much important to remove the air tank before cleaning. Also, make sure sure that there is no gas available in your gun.

Step 2 :

Disassemble your gun 

After removing all the gas you need to prepare yourself for disassemble your gun. For running this step you will a tool kit. Without tool kit, it is impossible to disassemble your gun. It has a chance to break gun if you don’t use the gun tool kit for disassembling. Before disassembling your gun it is imperative to read the user manual. It will help you a lot to understand different body part of a gun. The user manual also helps you to know the screw area. Knowing the screw area is very much important. Because it will save you time to make things easier for you. A paintball gun has four-part. Bolt, barrel, hammer grip frame these are the main body part of a paintball gun. They connected with each other with a simple screw. You have to remove that screw using tool kit. It is a simple process to disassemble your paintball gun. For disassemble and reassemble use your gun follow the direction of the user manual. If you don’t have a user manual then a google search can easily solve your problem. Remember one thing always put screw and guns part in one place when disassembling the gun. If you lost anything it will very hard to reassemble your gun.

Step 3:

Barrel clean

After disassembling all the body part it is time to clean all of them separately. Starting with the barrel. At first clean the barrel inside and outside of the barrel. Run a squeeze through inside the barrel. It will help to remove the dirt from the gun. After that put some hot water into the barrel and rub inside the barrel using a brush. After some time remove all the water from the barrel. Wipeout them properly using a paper towel. Make sure it becomes dry inside the barrel area.  Otherwise, it can easily jam while. For smoothing shooting a clean barrel is very much important.

Step 4:

Grip frame clean

Now it is the time to clean your grip frame. Take a brush and rub it properly into the whole grip frame surface. Remove all the dried paint, which stack in the previous use. We already told you that paintball gun performance and accuracy depend on your take care. After rubbing some time, clean all the dirt using a towel. Remember one thing while cleaning grip frame, never take apart trigger from the grip. Because it is bigger is complicated to reassemble. Even most expert also to refuse to apart it from the grip.  

Step 5:

Hammer and bolt clean

For cleaning bolt and hammer, you have to be careful. Because they can easily bend or break. Clean them using towel paper. Do not use water to clean them. While cleaning be careful about O rings in both component. If they break or damage then change them. O-rings play a very important role in a paintball gun.

Step 6 :

O rings

O-rings are a sensitive part in a paintball gun. It easily get damage.  You worry it will not get easily damaged if you take proper care of it. When cleaning your paintball check properly your o rings. If it does not work properly then replace it with the new one.

Step 7


Now it is time to check your gun that you clean you it properly. Check properly that there is remaining water. If have then wiped out properly. For proper dried all the gun parts you can use heat blower.  Now it is time to lubricants your gun. You have to use lubricants all your gun body parts. Especially in your guns O-rings. For lubricants, you must have to use paintball oil. It is better to use the manufacturer’s recommended oil. Remember do not put so much oil your gun. Put a small amount of oil in every part.

Step 8: Now it’s time to reassemble your gun. When reassemble tour gun do not push screw so hard. If you face any problem to reassemble then use guns manual book.

We are at the end of this paintball gun-cleaning article. Hope this article will help you to clean your paintball gun properly.

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