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How to play paintball

How to play paintball

Paintball is the most popular game in recent times. People love to play paintball during their vacation. It is a fun game to spend free time with. Like other games, it has some rules and regulations. Without maintaining rules and regulation, you cannot play this game. If you are a newbie in this game then you have to know the rules. You also need to know how to play paintball. If you do not know how to play then do not worry we are here to give you the solution. Read our whole article with the patient. It will help you to play paintball like a pro.

Before playing paintball, you need to know about what gear you will need for it. It needs some gear to play paintball. If you have enough money then you can buy them otherwise, you can rent them. Rent those gear will save you lots of money. For playing paintball, you will need body armor, hopper, facemask, and a paintball gun. Body armor and facemask will save you from any kind of accident. You have to attach the hopper at top of the paintball gun. You have to put paintball in the hopper.

How does paintball gun work?

On the internet, the most asked question about the paintball game is “How does paintball gun work?” Paintball gun works with compresses air. You need some marbled size paintball, which you have to put at the hopper. When you press the trigger of the gun the paintball will go straight with high velocity using compressed air. The compressed air tank is attached at the end of the paintball gun.


Paintball is marbled size capsules. They are non-toxic and biodegradable. The paintball is made of gelatin and water-soluble dye.  Paintball is made of a different color. The different team member will choose a different color ball. However, in one team each member has to choose the same color. This will help to find out the winning team.


If you are a newbie then you will need to practice a lot at home before playing in the ground. For practice inside of your home, you just need a paintball gun. From 120 to 150 dollar you can buy a decent paintball gun. If you do not want to buy then rent a paintball gun. While practicing in the home make take target and shot upon it. Always use your two hands while using paintball gun. One hand use to trigger the gun and other hand use for the grip. This technique will help you to hit the target easily. Never flips your gun ups and down. It will jam your paintball gun. In addition, it will fall your ball from the hopper.

Safety mask

Safety is the number one priority in the paintball game. Before playing, you need to wear a facemask and goggles. Without those gears, you will not get permission to play or get into the ground. Try to buy or rent a good facemask, which has “no fog” technology.  This technology will help you to breathe normally. Otherwise, it will get fog up easily when you breathe. It is difficult to see the enemy and play wearing a foggy mask.

Safety body gear

If you get hit by paintballs it will make a bruise in the hit area. You will not get any pain. Try to wear protective clothes. Wear a full sleeve shirt and gloves.

 Playing paintball

Step 1:

For playing paintball, you will need a wide area. You can play paintball in both indoor and outdoor. If you want to play outdoor then you will need to select a wide area where your team and another team can easily hide and play the game. Some people love to play indoor. For indoor play, you will need a private wide area. Nowadays there are lots of paintball ground is available in different countries for indoor playing. You can rent that ground. In addition, you get a monthly or yearly membership.

Step 2:

 You need to divide the entire member into two or serval team. In a limited time, you need to need to hit your against team member with paintball. If your team can shoot the most people of the against team them then your team will consider as a winning team.  Every team member in one team should choose the same color paintball and an opposite team member will choose the different color ball.

Step 3:

When a player is get shot by against team then he will need to leave the place. It means he is out of the game.  Always raise your hand up when you are leaving the field. It will save you from getting shot multiple times.  If the paintball bounces, off and not leaving color in your body then you can keep playing. You do not need to leave the field.

Step 4:

Paintball is not faster gun ammo like regular bullets. So you need to aim perfectly when shooting. Shoot a little bit higher than you are aiming. So it will hit easily hit the target.

Step 5:

At the paintball game, you need to keep moving. So the opponent team cannot easily track you. This technique will help you to stay longer on the ground. Also, try to move while shooting at the opponent. It will make the opponent confused.

Step 6:

This a team game. When you are playing, you need to communicate with your friend. Before start playing, discuss your team member about hand signal and call signal. This communication will helps you to move or attack together.

Step 7:

Do not shot without aiming. Without seeing, someone properly do not shot. It will save your ammo. If your ammo is finish in the middle of the game then it can cost you out of the game. Take some extra paintball in the pocket for an emergency.

In addition, there are some different methods to play paintball. It is the most playing method all over the world.

We are at the end of this article. Hope our article “How to play paintball” fulfills your demand. If you have any kind of question, about the paintball game, you can contact us via mail or comment blew.

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