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Paintball equipment list

Paintball equipment list

The proper equipment makes easy to play a game. Paintball is a game in which you will need some equipment to play this game. Most newbies think that for playing paintball they need expensive equipment.

However, trust me this is a completely wrong idea. Paintball does not require too much expensive equipment. If you want then you can also rent them. Below we will give a list of the paintball equipment list.

If you are a pro player then this article is not for you. This article is for a beginner player who does not have any idea about paintball but determines to start playing it.


 Most obvious equipment of paintball game is gun. Without a gun, it impossible to play this game. Paintball gun has different size and shape. But they all are the almost the same size and shape, have no big difference. The price of a paintball gun is not so expensive. If you do not want to buy then you can also rent them.


After gun, the second most obvious item is paintball. All Paintball comes in the same size but has a verity of colors. In one game chooses a different color but in the same team, every member has to choose the same color. The price of paintball depends on its quality. Sometimes cheap paintball does not break and spread color after shot.  So try to pick up the good quality paintball. One more important thing in fact that most newbies do. They do not take enough amount off the ball. As a result, their paintball becomes over in the middle of the game. Do not make mistake like those newbies. Always pick up enough amount paintball for better performance.


Hopper is a tank where you have to put your paintball. It attaches upper side of a paintball gun.  All of your paintball stay in the hopper and from it; paintball goes to the gun’s chamber one by one. Most of the hopper comes with a paintball gun. If you want, you can buy them separately. As a beginner, you have learned how to proper attach the hopper to the gun. If you do not attach gun properly if will create jam in your gun chamber.

Air tank

An air tank, which is full of compressed air or compressed dioxide (CO2). When you pull the gun trigger then the gun uses this air to throw the ball. The air tank is attach under the gun.


For safety, issue faces masks very much important. It keeps your face area and stays safe from paintball hit. Without a facemask, you can get a serious injury in your easy if paintball directly hit your ears. You will notice that a pro player never plays without a facemask. So always, try to wear a facemask when playing paintball. In addition, it will increase your confidence while playing paintball.


Some people feel suffocated to wear a facemask while playing paintball. If you are one of them then you must need to have a good goggle. Because eyes are sensitive in our human body. We must have to protect it. Paintball goggles will give 360 protection of your eyes.

Body armor

Body armor is another protection equipment to save the body from paintball hit. It will give you an extra level of protection. We already told you that paintball did not hurt too much. However, it will leave a mark in the hit area. If you are a newbie and worried about it, you can easily buy body armor. Some people think that body armor will make hamper to move easily. It is very easy to move to your hand while wearing it.


For paintball, it does not need to have much clothing sense. However, it is good to wear full sleeve shirt and pant. it will save your hand and leg from paintball color. Try to wear losses and soft cloths. Because in paintball game you have to move a lot. If you wear tight cloth then it will create a problem to move easily. Sweat cloth will give you extra comfort.


If you carry a lot of items such as paintball guns, protective gear, water, boots, etc. then investing in a good sports bag or paintball bag would be a great move. You will be able to use the bag for many occasions.


Boots are very much important for a player. Right boots will add extra comfort while playing. Do not make a mistake to wear sneaker while playing paintball because people was slip for it. If you are plying in the outdoor there must be a chance to have had mud. The sneaker will make an accident because of it. Therefore, it is good to wear a good pair of boots. It also gives a good amount of grip. So without thinking always wear a good pair of paintball while playing paintball.


After running a lot if you feel thirsty then water can give the energy to fight against your enemy. So always, take a small water bottle with you. Always drink water in a prone position. It will help you to hide from the enemy.

Extra O-ring

Pro player ways take extra O-rings with him while playing paintball. Because O-rings, is a thing which can easily get jumped at the middle of the game. So you to care about it. If you have extra O-rings you can easily change the older one when it needs.


Towel in paintball game seems like fun. However, trust me it is also important for paintball playing. When you get shot in google it will see a clear vision. The towel will help to remove that color from your glasses.

A microfiber towel will be great for remove color from goggle. Plus, you can use that to clean the paintball gun as well. So try to carry a small microfiber towel while playing paintball.

We are at the end of the paintball equipment list. These are the most important equipment, which you will need for paintball playing. In addition, there are many types of equipment, which you can use for paintball playing. 

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