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Paintball Tips For Beginners

Paintball Tips For Beginners

Rules and regulation

If you think, you can play paintball without knowing rules and regulations then you are wrong. Like all game paintball also has some rules and regulations. Before going on the ground, you have to know the rules and rules. A simple google search can help you to know all the rules and regulations about the paintball game.


Paintball is the team game so have made some plan for it. It is important to make a decision to attack or defense for a team player. Without a team plan, you can get confused at the field between attack and de3fence. In this time, you will easily get shot from against. So the team plan is most important before going on the playground.   


In paintball, communication is most important. It is a great tactic to win the game. In a team, you cannot play alone without communicating with another teammate. For attacking or defense together, you have to communicate with each other. It is better to use a special sign to communicate with each other.


Either playing on indoor or outdoor you have to see the map of playing ground. It will help to spot out your enemy easily.


If you stay in one place in a paintball game, you can easily get a spot by your enemy. It has more chances to get a chance. Movement is another great tactic to win in the paintball game. You need to know how to move without getting spotted. In the paintball game, you need to keep moving continuously. The movement will help you to stay a longer time in the playground.   


Paintball is main ammo in the paintball game. You have to buy a ball before the game started. Do not shoot without proper aiming. The unnecessary shot will waste your paintball. If it ends at the end of your game then this is not so good for you.


In paintball, gaming success depends on your aiming. For perfect timing, you need a lot of practice. A paintball gun does not work like a normal gun. Therefore, you have how to shoot properly using a paintball gun. Normal gun ammo goes straight to the aiming point. However, in the paintball, you have to shoot higher than your aiming point. It will help you to hit the exact point. Do not fire without exact aiming.  You have aim properly before you fire.

Walk in the field

Before starting the game walk in the field where you are going to play. It will give you an advantage at the time of playing. You easily know where you can hide from the enemy.

Take cover

 Most paintball grounds has lost of obstacle and stuff to take cover.  Paintball is the game where hitting your enemy is not important. Save yourself from enemies shot is the more in this game. For saving yourself from the enemy, you always have to take cover behind the obstacle and other stuff. Hiding from the enemy is the most important in the paintball game.

Be aware

You always have to be aware at the time of playing paintball. Always focus on all the spots around you. The enemy can come from a different place. If you focused on one place then another enemy can come from a different place. This is the common mistake and most of the beginner get shot by doing this. Always try to focus on a different place around you.


Patience is important in the paintball game. Most beginners lost patience in the middle of the game. It is a team game. If you lost patience and go to attack the enemy alone, this might get you in the trouble. For making, this mistake your team can easily lose in the game. So do not be over smart in the middle of the game. Always try to stay together and play with tactics.


A beginner usually gets confused about their outfit before going on the ground. Dark color works great in paintball. Try to wear a dark color in the game. Never wear tight jeans or shorts in the paintball game. Always wear loose jeans and shorts. It will help you to move easily. For better movement wear soft comfortable shoes or boots. It the most important part of your outfit for paintball. You need a strong grip when a grip to move. But if you wear sneakers in the paintball game you get easily get slipped in the field.


Paintball is a fully safe game when you put all the safety gear. You already told you that safety is the number one priority in the paintball game. You always have to wear safety guards while playing paintball. Facemask, goggles, body armor is the main safety gear, which you have to wear while playing paintball game. The facemask will save your face while playing paintball. Goggles will save your eyes. It is very much important. Because If paintball hits your eyes it will spread color splash in yours. For this reason, it will be difficult for you to see and play. If you wear goggles when you can easily wipe your color from it. Body armor will save your body.

Water & Snacks

For running and moving fast, you will feel thirsty and lose energy. Try to keep a small water bottle it will save you when you so much thirst. Also, try to have some nuts. Nuts will give you energy while playing paintball

We are at the end of paintball tips for the beginner. Hope this article will help you turn into a beginner to pro player.

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